About This Blog

“TV to Aster”??

No, it’s TV Toaster, as in “raise your glass in a toast in honor of the things we like about TV, music, movies and more, be it the good, the bad, or the cheesy.”

My name is Anne, and, by way of an introduction, a few bullet points:

  • As noted in the sidebar, I like movies (some new), TV shows (mostly old), and music (preferably the classics).
  • I tend to be positive in what I write – note that I didn’t call the site “TV Basher” – but that may be because I mostly watch things that I’m pretty sure I’ll like. (And, really, isn’t life to short to waste on bad entertainment?)
  • I tend to post rather sporadically but fairly faithfully. Please don’t let the occasional lapse scare you off.
  • Do you agree with what I’ve written? Or do you think I’m completely wrong? PLEASE leave feedback. Even criticism is welcomed as long as it’s constructive.
  • The complete list of the twenty-something websites that I run can be found at rusted-crush.com.

Thank you for visiting; enjoy the site!


Thanks to my host, WordPress.com. I have two other blogs hosted here – one for almost four years – and I’m very pleased with them.

The TV graphic was found at http://www.clker.com/ — I forgot where I found the martini glass toast clipart, but I used Bing image search, probably for “martini glass clipart.” I combined the two graphics using Paint Shop Pro.