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In honor of CBS adding a MacGyver reboot to their fall lineup, I’m reposting this top ten list, which I wrote years ago.

Top Ten Ways MacGyver Would Be Different If It Was Made Today

10) The bulk of Mac’s efforts would be spent on grisly crime scene investigation

9) Almost twice as many commercials would reduce the show’s actual running time to approximately 41 minutes (including the theme song and closing credits)

8) Most searches for bad guys would involve Google Earth

7) Instead of being positive and well-adjusted, Mac would be moody with issues – LOTS of issues

6) Mac would teleconference with contacts, rather than traveling to meet them

5) Murdoc would be a main character, because viewers love an anti-hero

4) When Mac went missing, Pete would locate him with GPS on his cell

3) No need for Mac to know science: he’d look everything up using an app

2) Characters would sing and viewers would call in to vote on who would be killed off

1) It would be cancelled after three episodes

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