bean bag toss game

Posted: November 25, 2014 in etcetera, FYI

Materials used:
* a square wood board that I found in our barn, approx. 3feet x 3feet x 1inch thick for stability (in case the wind was strong)
* thin plastic plates from the Dollar Tree (1 pack of 8 plates (9″, I think))
* tacks
* an old tablecloth, cut to cover the board (without too much extra material)

I took the general idea for this bean bag toss game from this blog:

To simplify my life, I only put three targets (doubled, so two plates each), and I didn’t spray paint anything. I just covered the wood board with a sheet and tacked it generously on the bottom. Then I just tacked the plates on.

bean bag toss game

bean bag toss game

I bought a box of 4 “regulation” bean bags: if I’d seen the above blog post first, I would’ve used rolled-up socks.

While playing the game at our community festival, I told older players that the object was to put one bean bag on each plate. For the younger ones, the object was to put a bean bag on any plate. One mom of a three-year-old told me she was glad I had a game that little ones could do.

The front plate did start to crack after about an hour of play, but it will be easy enough to fix for next year.


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