website update schedule

Posted: September 13, 2014 in FYI, siteupdates

I recently took some time to evaluate my website project to do lists. And I realized that nearly every week I was putting effort into tasks such as logging into free accounts, posting to free photo galleries, and checking my fan website polls and recording the results “just in case” that free service suddenly shut down. I was doing all of this to avoid having my account(s) cancelled for inactivity and/or to keep some signs of life at my websites, so visitors would know they haven’t been abandoned.

However, it occurred to me that a large portion of my *very* limited free time was being spent on chores I now deem “maintenance,” and this has been keeping me from the projects I enjoy, such as working on some of the new layout ideas I’ve been compiling for years.

So, in order to correct this and focus on higher priorities, I am relegating most maintenance-type activities to one day three times a year, with the current plan being the second Saturday in October, February, and June. Not every site/account will be updated at that time, and some updates will occur at other times, but with this “schedule,” visitors can have a general idea of when to check for new material at my websites.

I’ll reply here if my so-called maintenance plans change.

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