church costume party ideas

Posted: September 13, 2014 in FYI

I have collected a list of ideas for costumes for a church costume party, fall festival, etc. (Because I like to know what my options are for my church’s next “Trunk or Treat.” 😉 )

* 50’s guy/Pink Lady/T-Birds (from the movie Grease)
* 60’s hippie
* 70’s disco-er
* 80’s hair/metal band person
* 90’s grunge
* Person from the Future
* Paper Doll
* Rag Doll
* Graduate or Judge (with a graduation gown)
* Thief (black-and-white striped shirt with black pants, black gloves, black knit hat, “money bags with $”)
* Angel
* Nerd/Bookworm
* Ball Player
* Coach
* Ball Park Peanut Vendor
* Pirate
* Karate Kid/Ninja
* Fisherman
* Cowboy/Cowgirl
* Chef
* Farmer/Scarecrow
* Beach Bum
* Housewife (robe or PJs, curlers in hair)
* Doctor, Nurse
* Police Officer, Fire Fighter

+ Google an item from the list for how-to’s… and money saving ideas.
+ Check thrift stores, yard sales, “everything’s $1” stores, etc. for inexpensive costume props and clothes.
+ Get creative with uniforms and items you have – or can borrow – to save money.


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