recommendations for free antivirus software

Posted: May 24, 2014 in etcetera, FYI, review

I recently asked my Facebook friends for recommendations – or DISrecommendations – for free antivirus software for Windows 8.1. I’ll continue to read on-line reviews, but I wanted to get the opinions of people I know and respect. I decided to share their comments here, for anyone who’s curious what “real people” are saying about the topic.

* There are a number of good programs out there. Just be aware that all of them are likely to invite you to upgrade to paying status on a regular basis. My younger son recommends Microsoft Security Essentials.


(me: Thanks, Lisa! One vote for MSE. And oh, yes, I’ve been warned to expect the “offers” to get the paid version. :rollseyes: )


* Use the free Windows Defender.


(me: Thanks, Teresa! I do like that name. Very knight-ly, lol. )


* If you had free software, you’ll have to remove it and turn WD on. But it works fine for us.


* Avast…… The free version. We have several computers used for several things and Avast works great for all of them. We have used it for years .
* It is very simple to use also.


(me: Thanks, Guys! 3 people, 3 votes… but these are all bits of info I can use. “Keep them coming in!” )


* Chipping in to recommend Avira.


* Avira’s good. I think Consumer Reports recommended it a while back.


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