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To my *great* delight, I was able to see Thor: The Dark World on Friday. I had been all but counting down the days until it opened – and yet, actually going to see it, I was concerned. Once this year already I’ve been looking forward to a movie’s release only to be disappointed after seeing it. :cough: Red 2 :cough: And, in this case, I liked both Thor and The Avengers SO MUCH, I just didn’t see how this sequel could even compare.

But – woo hoo – did it ever. As I reported to the fam, it was even better than I could’ve hoped! Oh, yes, I’ll be seeing it multiple times and buying the DVD on its release day.

Imagine my chagrin when I checked out some reviews yesterday. Um, yeah, I diligently avoid reading any reviews before going to the theatre because I don’t want to have preconceived notions. Afterwards, though, I like to compare notes. Except, as in this case, when the batch of reviews I find are from people who think bashing a film makes them look clever. :rollseyes:

“Predictable,” they pout. I’m reminded of how Roger Ebert said that most people choose movies that provide exactly what they expect. And to that I say, “So what?” Life is *full* of things that definitely do not go as I expect, so excuse(!) me(!) if I want to spend just a few hours every once in a while and get a satisfying ending, for a change.

And, you know, I don’t think I’m alone in that! From what I read, The Dark World did as well as they expected, topping the weekend and blowing the competition away.

I did like this article: Decoding the Secret to Marvel’s Success

I would love it if the movie-makers would take a cue (or a clue) from the success of these movies. To them, I would also add: when considering the popularity of these superhero films, do not discount the fact that they are among the most family-friendly options, typically light on language and sexuality. And they’re just plain fun! While that may not count for much with the Roger Eberts of the world, it can be a big selling point with the movie-going public, if ticket sales are any indication.

In the interest of keeping this post spoiler-free, I’ll stop here. But rest assured I am making notes for a lengthy, spoiler-laden post to be completed upon my next viewing. Which should be soon! 😀

On a side note, a brief…

[Public Service Announcement]
If you, like me, have a thing for Loki, to get your fix between films, I recommend watching episodes of the TV show, Wings. I think that Steven Weber, who plays Brian Hackett, looks a lot like Tom Hiddleston, and Brian is like a modern, less violent – albeit smarmier – version of our favorite power-mad trickster.
[/Public Service Announcement]