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googlism, anyone?

Posted: February 23, 2013 in etcetera

I recently ventured back to “” and entered my name:

anne is kindly fetched by the trumpet
– – I think I’ve found the title of my autobiography!
anne is awesome
– – I keep saying this… and people keep laughing. Hysterically.
anne is stuck with him
– – No, Jeff, I didn’t make that up!
anne is fashion’s weakest link
– – Ah, so you’ve seen my closet.
anne is loved by millions the world over
– – To quote Jim Carrey in The Mask: “I’d like to think so!”
anne is a kindred spirit
– – Again, to quote Jim Carrey in The Mask: “I’d like to think so!”
anne is the one who speaks and introduces herself
– – Okay, this is just not true…
anne is thrilled to meet the dashing american writer jack garrison
– – I suppose I would be. Jack, you out there?
anne is committed to tax relief
– – Well, that, and chocolate!
anne is a literacy champion
– – What about tax relief?
anne is shocked at the differences between her own family and that of the van daans
– – No doubt!
anne is rather modern in her dress and speech
– – Wait, I thought I was fashion’s weakest link…
anne is not subsidized
– – Nope, not even a little bit
anne is currently preparing to go into the studio with legendary american producer and guitarist john beland
– – I’ll have my people call his people 🙂

If you find yourself bored – or maybe looking for new ways to define yourself – check it out:

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