random thoughts about songs

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Music, review

Being a fan of obsessive, stalker-y music, Darren Hayes’ song “Creepin’ Up On You” is one of my favorites.

But – and yes, I know I’m overthinking it – one of the lines says:

If I had to live without you — nobody could

“Nobody could”… and yet, lots of people do. In fact, given the # of people on the planet, you could safely say that the vast majority of people do!

So, that argument for being a stalker is rendered null and void.

– – – – – – – – –
In the song “Imaginary Lover” by Atlanta Rhythm Section, the singer describes – in a somewhat obsessive tone – the bliss of, basically, a relationship that’s all in your head. At one point, as if overcome by how awesome it is, he observes with conviction:

“Imagination’s unreal!”

That’s a clever way to sum up the whole song. He’s playing on a popular expression and praising the imaginings, but at the same time there’s a bittersweet note of truth. Imagination IS unreal, and however you might enjoy the thoughts, they’re bound to lose their appeal because there’s no substance.


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