favorite Iron Man scene

Posted: April 2, 2012 in favorite-scenes, Movies, quotes

I recently watched Iron Man again, and one scene really stuck out to me. Tony Stark is being held prisoner, but the location is hidden, so no one will be able to find and rescue him. Plus, though – thanks to his fellow prisoner – he survived being hit by bomb shrapnel, his long term prognosis isn’t good. At one point, as the dire reality of his situation sets in, he makes his case for not doing anything. His expression revealing that he’s rapidly losing hope, he declares that he’ll probably be dead in a week.

His older and wiser fellow prisoner doesn’t bother to dispute that. He simply replies, “Then this is a very important week for you, isn’t it.”

I hope that when I’m tempted to give up, I think of that line and remember that I should do my part to make the most of whatever opportunities I’m given, even when a certain outcome seems unavoidable.


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