favorite A-Team scenes

Posted: December 22, 2011 in favorite-scenes, quotes, Television

Two of my favorite A-Team quotes/scenes from the episode Bounty:

1) Murdock is abducted at gunpoint from the hospital. As the kidnappers are driving away, Murdock rambles on – in typical Murdock fashion – but his nonsensical chatter makes one of the kidnappers furious. He finally snaps at Murdock, “Are you crazy?!” Murdock replies, quite logically, “Of COURSE I’m crazy. You got me out of the Psychiatric Ward at the VA hospital, stupid!” 😀

2) The others are racing against the clock to find Murdock, and Hannibal wants Face to scam some info they need in less than five minutes. Face agrees, but he says that he’ll need BA’s help. BA scoffs that he’s “no good at running scams.” Face replies that he’ll do all the work; “All you do is enter on cue and say what I tell you… It’s just like being an actor.”

At this Face looks at Hannibal, who turns to look back at Face. Their wordless exchange is a clever instance of how, while the show doesn’t break the fourth wall, they sure are pushing on it! (Plus, the scene makes me wonder whether they’re making a dig at someone on the cast or crew…)

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