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In one Golden Girls episode, Blanche had gone back to school, and she was worried about taking a big exam.  She stayed after class one day and was asking her professor for help.  The professor basically told her that if she didn’t sleep with him, he would fail her.  Later, when she told the girls about the incident she said angrily, “I looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘I’ll think it over’!” 

In the Hogan Family episode “The Big Sleep,” Aunt Sandy had agreed to help David out as the subject in a sleep-deprivation experiment he was doing for school. After being awake for, like, three days, the experiment was over, and Sandy was exhausted and – understandably – unable to focus. As I recall, David declared her, “A vegetable.” However, before she could go to sleep, she was reminded that she was due at a TV studio to speak about her duties as a school counselor. Though dead tired, she agrees to go to honor her commitment to do the show, and needless to say, her exhaustion leads to a thoroughly embarrassing display. Later, her family says that they have taped her appearance, and they ask when she would like to watch it. “Some day when I’m in a really good mood,” she replies. “And I want to get out of it.”

In the Hogan Family (a.k.a. Valerie) episode “One of the Boys,” Valerie shows up at wrestling practice to explain that her son did not have her permission to join the team. She goes to the first man and begins to explain about the forged consent form, but the man replies that he’s “just the strategy coach” and sends her over to the weight training coach. So she goes to the next man and starts to explain, but the guy cuts her off with a curt “Can’t help you.” She tries again to explain, but the man insists that she needs to see the Head Coach. Getting a little peeved by the runaround, Valerie asks, “Can you please point him out to me, or must I see the Finger Coach?”

In one Hogan Family (a.k.a. Valerie) episode, David borrows his father’s expensive new sports car without permission and, of course, wrecks it. Valerie is the first to arrive at the hospital, where David has only a few minor scrapes. However, when Valerie learns which car David had been driving, she can hardly believe it. She turns to the doctor and demands, “Did you X-ray his head?” The doctor says that they did and found no trace of a concussion. Valerie retorts, “Did you find any trace of a BRAIN?”