writers’ tools: plot generators

Posted: March 12, 2011 in etcetera

You writers (and wannabe writers) know what it’s like: you’re itching to write a story – maybe you have a certain scene in mind – but you lack an overall plot. Happily, there are many on-line resources to help free you from that writer’s block:

This one introduces characters, a setting, and an ending for the piece. {Plus, the site offers many other generators.}

Simple Plot and Random Story Generator: with a brief outline suggesting characters and plot development

“All stories boil down to just 36 dramatic situations and takeoffs of those situations.”

Short Story Starter

The Fiction Generator presents characters, setting, and a plot, plus a title for the work.

Regency Romance Plot Generator. (Jane Austen would’ve loved it. 😉

Plot Twist Generator: offers one plot line at a time; use as many as you need.

“Rescuing Your Plot” presents a list of storylines

Links to More Plot Generators

And that’s not even all of the generators that are available: there are more specific ones for scifi, romance, etc.

If you’re stuck for names for your characters, there are multiple sites that can offer suggestions on that as well.

Character Name Generator

“English or European” Character Name Generator

Character Name Generator (Other offerings at GeneratorLand.com include generators for personal bio and blog post ideas.)

What’s that? You’re still not inspired? Well, as I wrote above, there are tons of generators out there. Just give it a Google.

Happy writing!

  1. jacef says:

    Reblogged this on Jace's scripting adventures and commented:
    Found this when I was looking for online plot generators, this list is pretty cool and i’ll be using it to produce the plot line for my first draft.

  2. Anne says:

    This post repeatedly shows up in my stats as the most visited at this blog. (Side note: welcome, “writers and wannabes”!) So, in an effort to stay current, today I checked whether the links above still work. Surprisingly, most do, but a few updates are in order:

    * “All stories boil down to just 36 dramatic situations and takeoffs of those situations.”
    has moved to

    * The “Short Story Starter” (at gotpoetry.com) is not working: in multiple attempts, I received an error message that the “page can’t be displayed.”

    * “The Fiction Generator…” is now just a blog about random stuff for which I suspect the blogger is a paid advertiser.

    * “Rescuing Your Plot” can still be found if you enter the address above (in the original post) in the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive:

    Hope this helps – and thanks for visiting!

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