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ideas for content for a fan website

Posted: January 28, 2011 in siteupdates

If you’re thinking of starting a fan website, here are some ideas for content you could include for your topic:

pros: This type of information is something people search for.
cons: If they’re not original to your site, or if you don’t have complete information (and added in a timely manner for current topics), you can lose visitors to other sites.

pros: Again, this type of information is something people search for.
cons: And again, if your site offers incomplete or unoriginal data, visitors will likely look elsewhere.

pros: This may be the easiest kind of content to write because you simply rant/rave about your topic. Also, it’s original.
cons: Some people prefer facts about a topic rather than another person’s opinion.

pros: It’s original.
cons: Writing fan fiction is easy; writing good fan fiction is… another story (pun intended). Also, some people won’t even try new fics after having seen too much of it done badly.

pros: It’s original.
cons: Graphics can take up a lot of server space. Plus, using other people’s photos can be a target for copyright infringement issues.

When thinking of what content to include in your fan website, consider the type of content that *you* look for.

And whatever type of content you choose:
* Make it as original and as complete as possible.
* Present it in an organized way. (Having great content is useless if visitors can’t find it!)
* Don’t be afraid to start small and then expand as time/interest allows. (Please, no “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” pages.)


I may be the last person to notice this, but “She’s a Beauty” by The Tubes could be compared to a fan liking an actor or TV show/movie:

“She’s right here, behind the glass” {behind the TV or movie screen}

“you can step outside your little world” {by focusing on the story being presented}

“you can talk to a pretty girl” {it seems so real, as if these amazing people are with you}

“She’s everything you dream about” {the illusion being presented looks fantastic, esp. compared to normal life}

“But don’t fall in love, cause if you do you’ll find out she don’t love you” {don’t mistake the image for anything more than it is}