more Prince of Persia movie comments

Posted: September 14, 2010 in favorite-scenes, Movies, review

Caution! Could be spoiler-y!

A few random comments about Prince of Persia: Sands of Time – in honor of its being released on DVD today. :throws confetti:

* The scene where a young boy charges into the street, causing a guard to be thrown from his horse mimicked a scene from Disney’s “Aladdin.”

* When Dastan and Tamina are escaping from Sheik Amar, why didn’t Seso throw a knife to kill him or them? He could certainly reach through the gate that was blocking their path.

* When it seemed Dastan was going to have to give Tamina up, there was an element of the Angel episode, “I Will Remember You.”

* As one reviewer pointed out, Tamina does get the worst lines. Plus, she frequently comes across as spoiled… or maybe she’s supposed to. :shrug:

* Plus, Tamina can face down the leader of the group who just invaded her city, but she screams at being mildly manhandled while posing as a waitress?

* The scene where the assassins – oh, excuse me, Hassansins(sp?) – are practicing in their lair/hideout is sort of funny. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve obviously got mad skillz, but they’re really just showing off at that point. “Look how easily I decapitate this dummy, who can’t move or fight back! FEAR ME!”  😆


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