favorite Clueless movie scene

Posted: September 7, 2010 in favorite-scenes, Movies

In the movie Clueless, in one scene, the teenaged main character realizes that she has a crush on a guy who works for her dad. After she realizes this, when he is around, she is so aware of him that she can’t laugh and joke around with him like she did before. Instead, she sits self-consciously on the edge of her seat, not able to look at him.

I think the previous scene does a very good job of depicting the agony and the ecstasy (such as it were) of a crush: you long to be around the person, but when you are, you want so much to be liked in return that you feel very awkward. (I’ve visualized this scene several times when I’ve suddenly found myself feeling attracted to someone.)

Originally Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 5:58 pm


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