Benson TV show – favorite scene

Posted: August 21, 2010 in favorite-scenes, Television

The TV show “Benson” was a situation comedy about a governor and his somewhat quirky staff.

In one of the more serious episodes, the group – as part of the government leadership – was tasked to participate in a drill in which it was simulated that there had been a nuclear attack. They were in the basement/shelter listening to the “news report” on the radio describing the devastation. Even though the report was fake, just part of the drill, between the somber note in the reporter’s voice and the sirens constantly wailing in the background, the whole scene began to overwhelm the group with its badness. Finally the governor turned off the radio and the group decided to go outside and just enjoy the calm night under the stars.

I think about this episode sometimes when I start to get overwhelmed, especially by some gloom-and-doom prediction I’ve heard on the news. Yes, someday things might be bad – truly, some days *will* be worse than others – but I’ll deal with those when the time comes. Until then I’ll try to keep some perspective, and not miss out on the good things in the present.

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    ^^ this

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