Phoebe of Friends talks Rocky

Posted: August 14, 2010 in favorite-scenes, Movies, review, Television

A plot in an episode of Friends involved Phoebe finding out how some classic movies really ended. It seems that when she watched them as a child, her mom would turn the TV off before something bad happened. In re-watching the films, Phoebe is devastated by the real endings, and she lists among the badness she has discovered that “Rocky loses.”

However, in the context of that film, I don’t think Rocky’s loss was such a bad thing. I mean, from the start, he didn’t think he could beat that other boxer; he just wanted to go 15 rounds with him, which he did. So what if he wasn’t deemed the winner by the event’s judges? He did all he could, and he accomplished what he wanted. Sounds like success to me!


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