random thoughts about songs – Beautiful

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Music, review

In the chorus(?) of the song “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera, she starts out with:

“I am beautiful, no matter what they say,
Yes, words can’t bring me down”

And that’s very good. Confidence is good, and it’s certainly good to not pay attention to what “they” say, because “they” can be a very fickle bunch. Trying to please “them” will often prove to be quite impossible.

But then she proceeds:

“I am beautiful in every, single way”

Every. Single. Way. Really?? At this point, she crosses the line from confidence to being completely oblivious to her faults, and that is *not* so good.

Eh, maybe I’m overthinking it. She (or whoever wrote the song) was probably just looking for a rhyme.

(Originally Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:04 pm)


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